Top 9 Best Mattresses Under $300

April 18, 2018
Top 9 Best Mattresses Under $300

You know good sleep on night is important? Some health experts said: ” Sleep is top 1 in the health care “. If you get full good night’s sleep then you choose good platform bed, mattress, pillow and wash pillow, clean mattress per month – The Gander said. But, First I will help you choose mattress. Continue Reading…


Don’t forget 3 famous tourist attractions in Danang city

March 27, 2018
Danang My Khe Beach

Vist famous tourist attractions in Danang such as My Khe, Linh Ung pagoda, Bana hill in top 10 lists of below destinations to take a rest, have relaxing time as you expect in Danang beautiful coastal city

Danang My Khe Beach

Once voted by Forbes Travel magazine to be one of the six most beautiful and attractive beaches in the world. My Khe Beach attracts visitors not only by the blue sea but also by the fine white sand. It also hosts a number of exciting sea-tourism activities taking place from April to September.

One advantage is that the beach extends to more than 90m, in addition to the system of attractive beaches for visitors to bathe, participate in recreational activities, the system of coastal hotels such as Beach Holiday, Danang, Furama resort, … are also an ideal stopover for travellers.

Danang My Khe Beach

In addition, a variety of coastal restaurants with abundant seafood resources which are selected right in the day will be an interesting food market for visitors to enjoy every day.

Bana hill

located in the list of 1 of the 10 most impressive cable cars in the world, including three lines Suoi Mo – Ba Na, Debay – Morin, Toc Tien – L’Indochine with a total of 201 cabins, serving a capacity of 3,000 guest/hour.

Bana hill

Ba Na Hill Tourist Resort is not only known for its impressive cable car but also is the convergence of hundreds of attractive destinations, which makes tourist easily impressed by its magic beauty and Its vibrant tourist activities.

Built on the basis of modern French architecture, the whole resort Ba Na is located on a mountain 1489m above sea level. Therefore, Ba Na Hill is also called Sa Pa miniature in Da Nang city. Therefore, visitors will feel distinct four seasons on the same day at the resort.

This is also an ideal condition for hundreds of species of flowers to live and grow like broccoli, orchid, also, … bring Le Jardin D’amour Ba Na hill’s flower garden brilliant colour.

Besides, the first impression of Ba Na Hill that visitors have to admire is the ancient beauty and luxury of a mysterious European city just below the mountain up to 1489m.

In addition, the design of the harmonious, impressive European style seems to enable BA Na Hill to bring a true Western breath so that visitors can feel everything right in Vietnam

In addition to the beautiful Le Jardin D’amour garden, the Debay wine cellar has been billed for thousands of years in the mountain, unique mountain passes, Linh Mieu Ba Pagoda, Linh Ung Pagoda, Linh Phong Bao Thap. Asian Park is an exciting entertainment paradise that you can not miss.

Taking part in record rides, climbing, watching 3D movies, going to the forest, etc. will be fun activities that are completely free for visitors to explore with family and friends.

Ticket prices include:

  • Tickets to Ba Na Hills Tourist Area
  • Free 90 games at Fantasy Park
  • Excludes skilful games and bonus games
  • Da Nang people: adults bring ID card, children bring ID card or birth certificate.
  • Tickets are valid only during the day.

Marble mountain

Ngu Hanh Son is a scenic spot of 5 limestone mountains rising to a sandy beach, covering an area of about 2 km2, including Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son, Tho Son located about 8km southeast  from downtown Da Nang.

3 famous tourist attractions in Danang city

If the white sand beaches help the tourists relax and indulge in its poetic beauty, Ba Na Hill is a paradise for a busy holiday, Ngu Hanh Son scenery is the place to bring visitors with mysterious and interesting spiritual stories.

Ngu Hanh Son is known as a mining project of the ancient Cham people and bearing ancient cultural markings such as Mother General Tran Quang Dieu, Temple of Princess Ngoc Lan … and also Vietnamese struggling historical monuments such as  Da Chong mountain tunnel, Ba Tho cave, Kim Son mountain, Am Phu cave,…

In addition to the sacred spiritual travel destination, stone carving village is also a stop that you can not ignore when visiting Ngu Hanh Son.

Ngu Hanh Son Stone Sculpture Village has developed over 400 years of age, from the marble in Ngu Hanh Son, stone carving artists have produced hundreds of Buddha statues, bracelets, ornaments. The stone is extremely sophisticated and eye-catching.

It is also one of the largest stone sculpture villages in the country and exports stone carvings to the world and friends in the area.


Top 10 Best Dog Bed for your choice

March 16, 2018
Top 10 Best Dog Bed for your choice

Top 10 Best Dog Bed for your choice

When you understand the pet’s sleeping states, it is easier to choose the best bedding for your pet. There are several types of dog beds available in the market, but the most common are the following types:

Top 10 Best Dog Bed for your choice

1.      BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed – Snuggly Sleeper – with Grooved Orthopedic Foam, Extra Comfy Cotton-Padded Rim cushion and Nonslip Bottom

This brand is a good choice for many people,

  • Ideal choice for multiple dogs size
  • Luxurious design for your pet and home decoration
  • Aid the neck, heads
  • Provide comforatble feeling
  • Keep balance

2.      FurHaven Orthopedic Dog Couch – Sofa Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats

  • The design looks like a sofa
  • Created to be a mini bed
  • The style of this bed is varied in all sizes, and is a great choice for puppies to lie on, or stretch their shoulders.
  • Water-resistant polycanvas base
  • Decrease the pressure points
  • Diversity in color

3.      FurHaven Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Bed Mattress for Dogs and Cats – Available in Over 25 Colors

  • This type of bed is orthopedic support which is suitable for older dogs, or suffering from joint pain
  • An orthopedic mattress is also a good option for doggy skeletal dogs because the bed supports additional pads to soothe the pain while lying down.
  • Good choice for all of dogs.

4.      Black Super Value Pet Dog Bed By Majestic Pet

  • Like a pillow
  • Simple design
  • Soft material which offers warmth
  • Count less area
  • Various colors
  • Easy to wash

5.      ASPCA Microtech Striped Dog Bed Cuddler, 28 by 20 by 8-Inch

  • Luxurious design
  • Soft, warm and cozy decoration for pét
  • Hihg durability
  • Easily washable
  • Made of anti-static materials

6.      AmazonBasics Padded Pet Bolster Bed

Owners can buy this kind of beds to change many times.

  • Beds used for older pets
  • High-end design and quality
  • Soft and comfortable polyester

7.      Rectangle Pet Bed with Dog Paw Printing

  • Made of comfortable mattress for dogs and cats.
  • Beautiful, modern design which is suitable space in every house.
  • The Cushion used for dogs and cats designed beautiful, luxurious as cradle soft, comfort and relaxation for pets.
  • Inside cotton layer creates warmth, helps smooth the animals when lying down.
  • Double bottom layer
  • It is suitable for both dogs and cats.

8.      Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler (20x20x12”) – Self-Warming Cat and Dog Bed Cushion for Joint-Relief and Improved Sleep – Machine Washable, Waterproof Bottom – For Pets Up to 25lbs

  • Made of cotton which is easy to clean and suitable for hot and humid climate.
  • Safe and soft, the pet always feels warm and comfortable.
  • Support the pet sleep.

9.       BRINDLE Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed with Removable Washable Cover

  • Filled with memory foam to eliminate the pressure points and promote the breathability
  • Portable, lightweight is great for your pet
  • Great solution for your pet and your home

10. FurHaven Round Snuggery Burrow Pet Bed

  • Velvet fabric is soft, dusty, easy to clean, very suitable for hot and humid climate.
  • With a soft surface, your pet will always have the feeling of being cherished and loved.
  • Round mattress can use both sides

These dog beds would be a good choice for your pets and your homes. They are your solutions to make a great decisions.

How to train the dogs to get familiar with the beds

Her. e is a simple “bed training dog” plan that you can refer to:

  • Attract the dog’s attention to the bed.
  • Call the dog forward toward the bed.
  • Let the dog sniff the bed.
  • Signed dog placed a leg, legs, and all four legs to bed.
  • Make sure the dog sits down for a while.
  • Make sure the dog is down.
  • If your pet dog is doing well, prove your dog is familiar with the bed. Do not forget to reward it if you do well.

10 Amazing Best cat beds 2018 for your choice

March 13, 2018
10 Amazing Best cat beds 2018 for your choice

Here are some amazing best cat beds which are not only comfortable, but also very suitable and have advantage of home decoration. Once you have made your choice, you will have an amazing mission to advise your pets away from the pillow and use the new bed. There are three factors to consider: the size of the bed, its shape and its washable ability as well. They are considered to be a good choice if you have suitable options for your cat and your home.

10 Amazing Best cat beds 2018 for your choice

1.      Aspen Pet Self Warming Beds

Aspen which is a familiar brand and famous for quality and reasonable price for customers. The outstanding features of the products would help your pets to have good night sleep.

  • The beds are designed to be a “space blanket” which is made of cotton.
  • The advantages are smooth, airy. It will help the cat to sleep well.
  • Flexible and suitable dimension.
  • Help warm pets easily in the winter

2.      Armarkat Round or Oval Shape Pet Cat Bed for Cats and Small Dogs

Armarkat is an international brand which is recognized as the most reliable brand of quality, durability and style at affordable prices. This would be a smart choice for your pets and home decoration as well.

The features of this kind of beds are:

  • Designed in a circular or oval shape, the bed is soft and warm.
  • This bed is perfectly suited for cats that rely on something to feel secure. , or like to fall asleep on the pillow.
  • Filled with extra thick 100% poly fill for maximum comfort.

3.      MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats

From MidWest Homes for Pets, a pioneer in quality bedding for pets, QuietTime Bolstered Pet Beds is the bets solution to provide amazing feeling and good sleep to your pets.

  • The bed is made of ultra soft synthetic fur & comfortable padded polyester bolster cushion which are perfect for any sleeping positions of your pets.
  • Easily washable and change the cover of the beds.
  • Durable

4.      Aspen Pet Round Bed – Animal Print

This item has unique shape and color which is suitable for your pet sleep as well.

  • Gentle content of the beds would help to promote the nesting instinct, reduce the stressful feeling.
  • Easy transportation.

5.      Plush Cat Sleep Bag Zone Pet Cave Bed Cozy Cuddle Pouch Pet Bed Covered Hooded Pet Cave for Cat and Puppies

The Slipper Type Ceiling Design which is an unique shape and it would be a good choice for decoration in your home.

  • The casing can be changed and washable.
  • High-quality materials which are good for pets lying positions.
  • Easily wrap your pet into a shape and warm without electricity
  • High durability.

6.      Pet Tent – Soft Bed for Dog and Cat, Best Pet Supplies

Pet tent is an amazing shape which offer pet many benefits and nice feeling and great indoor look for your home.

  • The shape of the tent gives an impression and attracts.
  • A plenty of color for your options
  • High-quality materials which have long durability
  • Offer cozy feeling of a good sleep for your pets.

7.      Precision Pet SN MC Round Shearling Bed

SN MC is a high-end brand which offers many kind of products and appointment.

  • Luxurious shape and color
  • Your pets easily get used to the lying positions
  • Get less space
  • Wash in cold water

8.      Cat Pet Bed, Igloo- Soft Indoor Enclosed Covered Tent/House for Cats, Kittens, and Small Pets

The bed has many benefits which is a perfect solution for your pets’ sleep and relaxation.

  • Removable cushion which easily change and clean
  • The product is beautifully shaped
  • Pets can play and take a rest.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed and the sellers is committed to providing consumers with the reasonable price and high-end products.

9.      Armarkat Cave Shape Pet Cat Beds for Cats and Small Dogs-Waterproof and Skid-Free Base

The products are ensured to be a good choice for every pets.

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • High durability
  • Affordable price
  • Amazing structure.

You have many kinds of products which helps you to choose easily and suitably as well.

10. Soft Warm Cat Bed for Winter Cat Tent Self-Warming Sleeping Bed for Cats Fleece Pet Cave Bed for Winter Pets Puppy Indoor Pet Triangle Nest

The bed would help your pet have a better feeling than any kind of bed.

  • The shape of the cat bed is Packaged with vacuum bag to make sure the cleaness and coziness.
  • Made of skin friendly materials which helps your pet to feel comfortable.
  • There are 3 colors, grey, light brown (camel) and dark brown (chocolate).

The cat bed are always your best choice and an amazing aid.

How to choose a dog bed appropriately

First, find out your pet’s sleeping preferences. You should rely on the following questions to find out the habit of dog sleeping:

Does it like to lie down with a nice smooth of the soft blanket, and spin a few times before lying down? If so, your dog may prefer to lie on a soft, soft mattress.

Does it like to blow itself out when it sleeps? If there is a rectangular bed, it is ideal as it has plenty of room to allow the dog to comfortably bend over the bed.

What style of furniture do you prefer? – If it’s your bed, your couch or your favorite couch, find out if the surface of the place is soft or hard because no dog likes it at all.

Basing on these questions and answers, you would have the best choice for your pets and your home decoration.