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Corsi di Cucina’s monthly, hands-on culinary courses will cover essential Italian techniques such as pasta making, bread baking and Neapolitan-style pizza basics.

WASHINGTON D.C. (March 23, 2016)- Italians are masters of understated culinary art, whose cuisine is characterized by a serious craft and rustic simplicity, relying on the quality of ingredients and expert preparations to create the gorgeously robust and fresh flavors that Italian fare is recognized for. This spring, Alphonse Italian Market & Osteria will offer Washingtonians a chance to learn the expert techniques behind creating the carefully crafted, delicious Italian staples. Beginning on Saturday April 23rd, Alphonse will launch Corsi di Cucina, a monthly educational cooking series in which co-owner and Chef Aaron McGovern will offer attendees an extensive base of knowledge and set of expert culinary skills that are not only essential to the Italian gastronomic craft, but to recreating an Osteria experience in their own home with their closest friends and family.

Each 2-hour educational class will begin with a brief history and background on the respective topic. Following the introduction, a cooking session will ensue hosted by Aaron himself, who will provide hands-on and comprehensive instruction. The courses, which are open to ages 18+, will run on Saturdays from 12PM – 2PM and will be priced at $45, which includes all of the ingredients, an apron, recipe cards, notes and refreshments and snacks upon arrival. At the close of each course, attendees will feast on their creations, enjoy a glass of wine and celebrate their new Italian cooking skills. The course details are listed below:

COURSE #1: Artisanal Pasta Making (April 23)

The class begins with a brief introduction to Italian pasta, the history behind it, and the different types of pastas, such as fresh, hand-cut and extruded. Guests will learn the tricks and tips to making the perfect pasta dough, delicious ravioli filling and two types of sumptuous sauces: roasted pepper sauce and brown butter with fresh sage. Aaron will guide guests through each step, offering hands-on assistance and his own pasta expertise. The best part about the class is that guests can have their pasta and eat it too, as the course comes to a close enjoying the fruits of everyone’s labor with a glass of perfectly paired wine.

COURSE #2: Mangia Mangia/Italian Sauces (May 21)

Italian’s are nothing without their sauces, whether it be fragrant pesto, rich and hearty Bolognese or a spicy, briny puttanesca. In Mangia Mangia, attendees will become true saucier masters. Aaron will offer a brief history on different Italian sauces, their origin, their seasonality and the pastas that pair best with each sauce. During the hands-on portion of the class, attendees will not only learn basic sauce preparations, but will also create delicious individual dishes with each sauce, which they can enjoy with a glass of wine at the end of the class. Recipe cards will be provided, as well as wine pairing notes.

COURSE #3: Artisanal Wood Hearth Bread (June 18)

Although Pizza, spaghetti and other pastas are normally widely associated with the Italian culinary identity, expertly crafted, crusty and chewy Italian breads have been around for thousands of years and are enjoyed with almost every meal. In this class, attendees will learn the techniques behind creating “old world” wood hearth breads, which includes how to make the dough as well as how to bake it in a Neapolitan Wood Hearth Oven. To celebrate everyone’s new bread-baking skills, the class will come to a close with wine, breads, cheeses and salamis to nosh on.

Additional courses will be announced at a later date with topics such as pizza making and antipasti basics.

About Alphonse Italian Market & Osteria

Opened in August 2014, Alphonse Italian Market & Osteria has become an epicenter for Italian culture and cuisine. Located in the heart of Washington DC’s vibrant U Street neighborhood, the cozy, Italian restaurant and market serves Neapolitan style, brick-oven pizzas, classic Italian fare and offers an extension selection of Italian wines, spirits, and cocktails to choose from. For more information, please call (202) 735-0525, visit, or connect with them on Twitter (@Alphonse_DC), Facebook (, or Instagram (@alphonse_dc)

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